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Breeding soon for our early Spring 2018 litter, taking deposits now. Puppy picks are in the order of the deposits.

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These outstanding little dogs will capture your heart! The Miniature Aussies height range is 13 up to 16 inches tall , toys range 10 to 13 inches tall, registry may require you to have a vet measurement at 9 months old if they temporary register your toys as mini's so they can issue you your toy papers (this only pertains to pups that were registered as mini's by the registry even thought they were toys).
Miniature and Toy Aussies are the s
ame quality as the standard breed... just in a smaller package!

Australian Shepherds

All of our dogs undergo genetic health testing including, CERF, MDR1, Hereditary Cataracts, and prcd-PRA. We Vet check Patella's on all our Toy breeding dogs. Healthy Puppies improve the breed and this is our goal here at J&F.
We are Hobby Breeders who enjoy breeding just for the Love of our little horses and little dogs.

We are specializing in the toy size Australian shepherds but on occasion we will have a large toy or small mini size pups in our litters

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We prefer to meet our puppy buyers and if need be we can meet a perspective puppy buyer
within a reasonable distance. You are more than welcome to fly in so we can meet and you can see our pups and if they are what you are looking for you can take them back on your return flight.
 We do not sell our pups sight unseen or ship them out in cargo.

Meet our new tiny toy black-tri Australian Shepherd male!

Just A Little Country Boy

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The Miniature Australian Shepherd (a.k.a. the North American Shepherd or the Miniature Australian Shepherd) is the result of a breeding program that was begun in 1968 to produce a scaled-down version of the Australian Shepherd. The aim was to develop an Australian Shepherd under 17" who had the heart, intelligence and drive to work stock, and yet be small enough to travel easily to stock shows and be a "house" dog. Breed History

  Toy Aussies
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The MAS stands 13 and up to 18 inches at the shoulder and weighs 15 to 35 pounds. They are compact, well balanced, very athletic and alert without being hyperactive or "yappy". The coat is moderate in length, straight or slightly wavy, with undercoat, and comes in blue merle, black, red merle and red, all with or without white markings and tan (copper) points. They require minimal grooming (brushing once a week or as required depending on their activities, and only occasional bathing), though some may experience a dramatic seasonal shed. They tend to have little "doggy odor". The eyes may be brown, blue, amber or green, or any color combination including flecked or marbled, or one eye different than the other. The tail will either be naturally bobbed or docked at an early age. Breed Standard

This breed needs regular exercise and is versatile, hardy and enthusiastic. They are sensitive and easily trained, and should be handled gently as a result of this. MAS are good guardians of the home, confident, possessing varying degrees of herding instincts, and are entirely devoted to their masters. They need affection from their families but are not overbearing. They typically get along well with other dogs and pets as well as people, including children, though they may be reserved at first. The "Mini Aussie" is a fun-loving dog, often excelling in agility, obedience, flyball, Frisbee and other sports.

The MAS are recognized to compete in conformation shows with the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA), Canine Kennel Club (CKC) and the, Canine Rarities, and the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA), United Kennel Club (UKC) with some restrictions.

Many organizations that put on performance events such as Agility, Herding, and Obedience, have found a place and recognize the Mini Aussie for competition. This opens up many opportunities for you to play and compete with your dog.

You can check out the NAMASCUSA website which provides you with a schedule of events happening throughout the year, all over the country.

Offering Quality Australian Shepherd Pups
Champion lines, hips and eyes clear, MDR1 tested

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